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Eating Disorders Treatment Centers in New York

    • Eating Disorder, New York
      NYC Nutritionist & Registered Dietitian for online and personal consultation. Manhattan certified nutrition coaching and medical dietary therapist. Functional counseling and private consultant for IBS, gut health, hormone balance, fertility, pregnancy, postnatal, child, eating disorder, fodmap, autoimmune, and geriatric nutrition needs in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and The Bronx. New York City licensed food expert and private practice. Certified metabolic nutritionist, weight loss, and plant-based dietitian. Accredited health specialist, holistic dietary advisor, and dietician.
    • Anxiety Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Eating Disorder, New York, Psychology

      We at Armonk Integrated Psychiatry focus on

      Psychotherapy for adolescents and adults,

      Psychiatric evaluation and treatment,

      Cognitive behavioral therapy,

      We specialize in anxiety and depression, eating disorders, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, women’s issues, as well as parenting and social skills.


    • Eating Disorder, Weight Management

      Nutrition Energy

      New York City, NY 10019

    • Eating Disorder, Nutrition Counseling

      Appleman Nutrition

      New York City, NY 10019

    • Eating Disorder

      Ticket School offers online DMV-approved drivers education classes for Florida, Texas, New York, Michigan, Virginia, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Missouri.


    • Eating Disorder

      Barbara Mendez Nutrition

      New York City, NY 10017

    • Eating Disorder

      Healing on Hudson LLC provides quality therapy for New York and New Jersey, with locations in Hudson County and Monmouth County, NJ. Healing on Hudson specializes in depression, anxiety, eating disorder treatment, and body image.

    • Eating Disorder, Mental Health

      We treat young adults with mental health challenges, substance use, eating disorders and other diagnoses through therapy, skill-building and community.

    • Eating Disorder, Mental Health

      Core Counseling Solutions: Therapy and counseling for depression, anxiety, body image, eating disorders, self-esteem, and trauma for adults, adolescents, and children in New Jersey and New York. TeleHealth and In Person.

    • Eating Disorder

      Visit Overcoming ED LLC to get eating disorder treatment in New York. Our clinical professionals offer lasting results! Call 516-758-5544


    • Eating Disorder, Eating Disorder Treatment, Eating Disorder Treatment Center, New York

      Columbus Park is the leading outpatient eating disorder treatment center in New York City, offering an Intensive Outpatient Program as well as individual therapy, group therapy and meal support.


    • Eating Disorder

      Eat with Knowledge: Registered Dietitian and Eating Disorders Specialist Jennifer Mcgurk. Nutrition services in Nyack, New York


    • Eating Disorder, Eating Disorders, New York, Sports Nutrition, Weight Management

      Nutrition4Life – Sophia Aslanis RD, CDN is a Nutritionist in New York, NY, specializing in Sports Nutrition, Weight Management, Eating Disorders & more! Contact us at (212) 245-0575 today!


    • Association, Eating Disorder, Health Consultants, Wellness Programs

      Tried and True Nutrition, Inc.

      New York City, NY 10003

    • Eating Disorder

      Monica Bergnes is a therapist in New York offering therapy for adults with trauma, grief and loss, eating disorders and intuitive eating.